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My account isn't getting any data, what's going on?
My account isn't getting any data, what's going on?

Potential reasons why data isn't flowing through the account.

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You might see this message for a few of reasons:

  1. You just activated an account and the data hasn't completed yet. If you still see this message after a couple of hours, see next reasons.

  2. Your account has no active search campaigns. Tenscores pulls in only search campaigns that active, as that's the only time that quality score is relevant. You'll need to activate your search campaigns then wait 24 hours for the message to go.

  3. Your search campaigns are on an ad schedule. This means that when the tool goes to fetch the data, your campaigns are inactive so it finds nothing. In this case, please contact us to we can change your update time.

  4. You only have Smart Campaigns active. Smart campaigns are automated campaigns on which you have very little control, thus little opportunity to optimize. They are not supported by Tenscores. Our customers who have seen success with Smart Campaigns, use them alongside regular search campaigns as a supplement. We recommend you create regular search campaigns and only use Smart Campaigns to catch any additional traffic you might not have gotten otherwise.

If these are none of the cases that apply to you and you still see this message, please contact us.

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