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How To Check Ad Relevance in Google Ads
How To Check Ad Relevance in Google Ads
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Google Ads measures ad relevance as an indication of how closely your ad and landing page match the intent behind a user's search. Checking this helps you understand if your ads are hitting the mark. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1 . Go to the "Search Keywords" Tab

Google Ads Search Keywords Tab

Step 2. Modify Your Viewable Columns

Step 3. Activate the Ad Relevance Column

You should now have an Ad Relevance column in the table along with your other metrics.

The 'Ad relevance' rating describes how well your keyword matches the message in your ads. A status of 'Above average' or 'Average' indicates that there are no major problems with this keyword's ad relevance when compared to all other keywords across Google Ads. If you see 'Below average', it means that your ad or keyword may not be specific enough or that your ad group covers too many topics.

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