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How To Check Expected CTR in Google Ads
How To Check Expected CTR in Google Ads
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Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR) is one of the components of Quality Score in Google Ads. It's a prediction of how likely it is that your ad will be clicked when shown in response to a particular keyword, considering how well your keyword has performed in the past. Here's how to check it:

Step 1 . Go to the "Search Keywords" Tab

Google Ads Search Keywords Tab

Step 2. Modify Your Viewable Columns

Step 3. Activate the Expected CTR Column

You should now have an Expected CTR column in the table along with your other metrics.

Expected CTR is rated as 'Above average', 'Average', or 'Below average'. It's important to note that this metric doesn't take into account the impact of ad position, extensions, or other ad formats that may have influenced your ad's performance. Therefore, optimizing for Expected CTR involves crafting compelling, relevant ad headlines and descriptions to increase the likelihood that users will click on your ads.

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