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How To Check Landing Page Experience in Google Ads
How To Check Landing Page Experience in Google Ads
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Landing Page Experience is a crucial component of Google Ads' Quality Score, which assesses the user-friendliness and relevance of your landing page to the users who click on your ad. Here's how to check it in Google Ads:

Step 1 . Go to the "Search Keywords" Tab

Google Ads Search Keywords Tab

Step 2. Modify Your Viewable Columns

Step 3. Activate the Landing Page Experience column

You should now have a Landing Page Exp. column in the table along with your other metrics.

Landing Page Experience is measured as 'Above average', 'Average', or 'Below average'. Google looks at several factors to determine this score, including the page's relevance to the ad and search query, its ease of navigation, the clarity of information provided, transparency about your business, and load time. A high-quality landing page that offers a positive user experience can improve your Quality Score, potentially leading to higher ad placements and lower cost per click (CPC).

Optimizing your landing page involves everything you would do to improve conversion rates, like making sure the content is directly relevant to your ad and keywords, making navigation intuitive, and making the purpose of your page clear to visitors.

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